Simple Advice to Reach Your Life Goals

A simple lesson about finding your way to your life goals.

Without the right tools, finding our way in life can be a challenge. As a young lieutenant in the U.S. Army, a sage drill sergeant often baked into us how to find our markers in the woods. So, I applied his advice to life.

A long time ago, I learned how to navigate the woods to find my ‘there.’

My drill sergeant told us over and over that no matter what,

‘Read the terrain and you will get to YOUR ‘there’’.

I didn’t quite understand the real lesson.

I thought he was teaching us literal navigation and map reading skills every Soldier should know.

So, I learned to master my navigation tools:

  • Map.
  • Compass.
  • Pace Counter.
  • Elevation Markers.

One night, during a navigation test, I got lost.

I miscalculated my foot count, and it was too dark to read my map.

I found myself in rough and unbeaten terrain,

The vegetation was too thick to walk through.

I had to rely on instinct and read enough of the terrain around me to gauge where I was.

I had to detour and find my way around the patch of rough terrain before returning to my north azimuth.

In the nick of time, my drill sergeant’s voice rang loudly, “Read the terrain if you want to get to your ‘there’!

  • He was talking about how to adjust your course by following your instincts to get to your intended destination.
  • He reminded us to learn and spot the pitfalls, take notice of half-beaten trails or the broken signs. These areas of life should be avoided.
  • He was showing us how to acknowledge where we are. But, still, move with purpose — to get to our ‘there.’
  • But the greatest teaching was —

If I want to get to my ‘there’ and find my goals, I had to trust my instincts — your true navigator.

Thank you for reading!

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