Stop Draping On the Cloak of Others’ Expectations

A new story podcast, Crack This ShXt Open, about coming into who you are and accepting yourself

Crack This ShXt Open: Learn about the inspiring podcast that encourages people to unlock their emotions as a first step to gain their own self-confidence while accepting who they are.

“I was terrified to go back and unlock the crate that was my box of feelings I long-held and stocked away, never wanting to face them. But I knew I had to do just that. How could I help others straight-faced if I was not willing to do the dirty work myself? The challenge of facing my past — it was not easy. But this challenge was the very thing I needed. And it changed my life for the better.” — Shay D. Potter

Inspired by the narrator’s own personal story, the narrator takes listeners through an eight-episode story podcast of self-awareness.

What makes this podcast series so unique are the sound effects that are incorporated throughout, which create a 3-D world for the senses. Listeners will be transported to feel as if they are an active character within the story.

Throughout the series, listeners will be encouraged to look within themselves to find their own truth and learn how to deal with, and overcome, their personal baggage. By the end of the series, listeners are encouraged to be vulnerable and make their own journey of true transformation towards their destined selves.

From the very first episode, the author, Shay D. Potter, gets real with listeners and details the first-hand experience of the challenging journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

The eight-episode series shines a light on personal accounts and memories throughout the decades it took her to learn how to process emotions, create a transformation plan and build confidence in owning a more masculine identity — who is referred to as Sebastian.

We don’t want to crack open too many spoilers, but here is a sneak peek of what each episode of the podcast will offer.

  • Episode 1: The opening scene sets the stage and dives first into LGBTQ issues such as top-surgery and gender dysphoria. By the end of the episode, the listener is introduced to the start of the author’s journey back in 1985 and her perception of gender.
  • Episode 2: Shay’s alter ego Sebastian — her masculine personality — is introduced. Listeners will from here on out follow along in Sebastian’s transformation from obscurity to bold and confident.
  • Episode 3: This scene continues the conversation from Episode 1 and focuses on defining self-acceptance. The listener continues the journey with the author in Episode 4–6, from the parent's perspective.
  • Episode 4–6: Listeners hear a first-hand account from her parents’ perspective through raw and honest conversations that lead to forgiveness, acceptance, and closure.
  • Episode 7–8: Listeners go on a transformation journey, learning how addressing past emotions enable dramatic growth and clarity. By the end of the series, listeners will be entranced with Shay’s bravery and confidence encouraged to crack open their own box so they too can no longer be weighed down by personal burdens.

Regardless of whether or not the listeners identify with the LGBTQ community, Crack This ShXt Open will undoubtedly leave listeners wondering if there is a Sebastian in all of us?

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Find out more about the story behind the story.

Episode 2: DownWard Spiral.

As a deeply troubled teen, Shay was experiencing gender dysphoria which leads to teenage depression. Shay tells the story of teenage depression, mental anxiety, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. This story is interwoven with a subplot of the 1992 LA city riots and civil unrest in her hometown.

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