Hi, I’m Shay and I look forward to us connecting. Take Your time and enjoy yourself as you browse through my catalog. As my grandma always says, “Ya’ll come back now!”

Shay D. Potter currently serves in the U.S. Army by day and devotes the evenings and weekends to writing, videography, and podcasting. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Join my newsletter to subscribe for Stories Worth Your Time and get access to pre-published chapters of my debut novel.

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  • A shortlist of published audiobooks and podcasts I am reading or read
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  • Exclusive access to pre-published book chapters of my debut novel, Crack This ShXt Open. A coming-of-age literary fiction
  • You want to be exposed to underrepresented voices and delight in Stories Worth Your Time™

LGBTQ | Personal Development | Fiction. I proudly serve in the U.S. Army. Join my tribe: https://www.facebook.com/shaydpotterwrites

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