You Must Speak It Into Existence

Words of encouragement to achieve

I want —

I want to feel powerful. Like the quiet sage in the room. With a posture that fills the cubic space. And energetic waves directing our floating souls forward. Go.

I want to become grounded. Like our grandmama’s wisdom in an old quiet shack. Short-statured with thick, protruding leg limbs that seem to reach down beneath the earthy soils. Her raspy whispers had comforted our anxious hearts. Stand.

I want to speak with a rumble. Like an erupted volcano on a far-oft island. With a bellowed chest and high heights, my words travel far. Calling wounded hearts and moist eyes to come, here. Breathe.

I know I can be all these things and fill my heart’s cup with its desires. But, it is my confidence that has the longest of roads to travel. To love all of…………me. It all falls apart without full belief in, me! Embrace.

All that I want to be.

All that I should be.

All that I could be.

I can shape my reality by speaking these simple words

— I am.

Shay D. Potter currently serves in the U.S. Army by day and devotes the evenings and weekends to writing, videography, and podcasting. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or website.

LGBTQ | Personal Development | Fiction. I proudly serve in the U.S. Army. Join my tribe:

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